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Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco is a leading supplier of chemistry solutions for the ceramic industry.
Driven by its natural commitment to the culture and value of research, the brand stands out for projects characterised by innovation and experimentation.
Its products, which are developed in response to the specific technical and aesthetic requirements of the market, are often tailor made and testify to the company's 
technological know-how, that translates into reliable service and assistance.
The code of ethics that guides the brand prioritises sustainability and a commitment to progressive improvement of the living conditions of man and his environment.

Products & Solutions

Formed in 1972, Ceramco produces and offers a broad range of auxiliary chemicals and solutions for the ceramic industry, as well as sanitary ware and table ware.
Binders for grit and glazes, anticoagulants and fixing agents, biocides and sanitizers, thinner and leveling agents, surfactants and temporary binder for ceramic body, suspension promoters and superficial protection products, CMC and screen printing vehicles. 
The product range, which widely covers every step of the production process, was enriched following Ceramco’s entry into the Zschimmer & Schwarz Group (1993). A synergistic relationship resulted, one combining competencies and know-how.
The different product categories – which today also include medium for ink jet, glues and digital inks – respond to the technical and aesthetic demands of the industry sector, evolving and broadening to meet production needs and a technological scenario in continual transformation. 

Research & Development

Specialist staff and cutting-edge technologies are the principal ingredients of the R&D laboratories, driving force behind every activity. 
For Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco, RESEARCH is synonymous with creativity and pioneering: not only meeting the demands of the market, but at the same time knowing how to anticipate needs and possible future hurdles. 
From this perspective, INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE remain in daily contact with all the stakeholders who participate in the production chain: from the raw material suppliers to the industrial equipment providers, passing through, and above all, to the final producer: the client.
The kaleidoscopic series of production variables — not only of the market in its entirety but of every single production line — has made it necessary a research practice that is not limited solely to product development, but that forges on towards TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS that can respond to every specific challenge.

Technical Assistence

ASSISTENCE and the SHARING OF KNOW-HOW are two cornerstones of Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco’s business strategy. 
Supplying tailor-made products is accompanied by continual, personal ASSISTENCE throughout the production process. 
Z&S Ceramco’s laboratory technicians are available to personally attend to every single step at the client’s facilities. They thus become CONSULTANTS, prompting an exchange of skills with the client, always with eye towards reaching their targets. 

Quality & Sustainability

Protection of, and respect for, the environment — themes ever more central but nonetheless often with no practical consequences — daily take form in Z&S Ceramco through concrete actions that look to an uncompromising and scrupulous supervision of every process.
Thanks to a policy Group that is demanding in terms of sustainability, Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco is doubly committed to eliminating the impact on the surrounding environment just as it prioritizes the bettering of work conditions of all employees. 
The striving towards continuous quality improvement as a strategic value, is found on one side work processes that respond to qualitative standards expressed by the UNI EN ISO 9001_2015 standard, and, on the other, in the natural ethic predisposition and sense of responsibility that characterize the group.