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Levelling agents / Defoamers / Surfactants

The product here included - depending on the formula or on the chemical nature - can act as levelling agents, anti-foam or surfactants. They are able to solve problems regarding excessive foaming or issues caused by water repellency or improper levelling of the glaze.

Dyes / Markers

Organic dyes in solution. Since these are not pigments, this category of product has great similarity with all ceramic semi-finished products, such as screen printings, glazes and glues. The combustion of the product is excellent also with high dose.

Mediums for third firing

Screen printing vehicles designed appropriately for applications for non-absorbent supports such as third firing.

Primers for inkjet

Category of products which have to be used before the inkjet printing process. They can be applied on the superficial part or directly injected into the glaze. DIGICER PRIMER is a range that includes products with different proprieties according to their formula or chemical…