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Teaching and training through problems and solutions.


Chemistry & ceramic production are the two keywords of the APP promoted by Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco. With a simple language that is accessible even to non-experts, the APP addresses issues related to chemistry applied to ceramic tiles’ production. Through its different sections and its heterogeneous educational approaches, the tool tries to shed light on the mechanisms that lie behind the scenes of one of the most fascinating industrial production processes, while offering glossaries, nuggets of information, quizzes, and calculation tools through which to expand their knowledge or have confirmation of what you already know.
Process problems or technical and aesthetic critical issues can in many cases be solved, or at least contained, thanks to the intervention of chemistry or by means of actions that involve and imply a deep knowledge of what happens along the production lines.
What are the causes and origins of each critical issue? What are the mechanisms behind them? What action must be taken to best manage the problems?


The most representative topics about chemistry applied to ceramic production, from a ceramic producer perspective. For each episode a topic or, even better, a problem. Origins, causes and indications to avoid or to best manage it. Every other Mondays a new episode of about ten minutes.


A glossary. A list of useful if not necessary words.
A vocabulary to build over time.
A valuable list of keywords about the world of chemistry and ceramic production. An attempt to return, in a few simple sentences, complex and multifaceted concepts. A challenge.
Every other weeks a new word, a new term to collect.


A not detailed but exhaustive overview of the main product families offered by the company. A detailed focus on the different ranges and individual products that best represent and characterize them. A universal product does not exist. Only tailor-made solutions. Therefore, the section is constantly evolving.


The lectures. The visual version of the podcasts. Complete with explanatory images and pdf summaries freely downloadable over the net. A way to visualize with simple and intuitive graphics what is sometimes difficult even to imagine. A concentrate of information to look at, print and, if desired, keep at hand.


Heterogeneous and multiform section that offers simple and precious ready-to-use tools. Useful tools with which you can make calculations, measurements, tabulation... or the even just help you to understand the small but important mechanisms behind the daily actions that usually occur during production.


Learn by playing.
Closed-ended questions to test your knowledge while having fun. The playful side of learning. Chemistry and ceramics, of course, the main characters. Every other weeks a new quiz. Together with the new question, the solution of the previous quiz. A notification for each new exit.

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