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Temporary binders for ceramic body

Temporary binders increase and restore ceramic bodies’ mechanical strength, and provide impact resistance. 
The bond does not stiffen the tile but keeps it flexible, increasing shock absorption along the entire production line.
The Tenacer range, beside the normal production cycles, is particularly suitable for the production of large ceramic slabs.
Due to its formula, the product is easily dispersible in the slurry and it can be both added into the tanks during the milling process or injected before atomization.


A temporary fixative that increases the breaking strength of the green ceramic body, making it stronger and resistant to possible solicitations along the production line.
Tenacer 350 is an easily measurable and dispersible liquid product that can be completely mixed with the slip.

A synthetic and liquid product that increases the tile’s mechanical strength.
It is easily measurable / dispersible and at the same time highly resistant to micro-organisms.
It can be added directly to the slip and, due to its important deflocculant proprieties, it can be added during the milling stage as well.


A temporary binder that increases both the strength and the resistance of green ceramic.
It can be added as a dust or as an aqueous solution during the blending process.


A temporary binder that increases the ceramic mechanical strength and thus the breaking level.
The product can be also used in different fields (such as sanitary or tableware production) to improve the pressing capacity of the material.


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