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Surface protectants

These are products designed for end-of-line treatments.
The lapping and sanding processes involve the removal of a thin layer of ceramic material.
Such an operation produces the outcrop of superficial micro-porosities which - if not carefully sealed with special products - can cause the progressive soiling and the consequent deterioration of the final product.
The Polishield range performs exactly this task and it is available both in a neutral version and in different shades that can be combined with the background color of the ceramic material.
The range can be also customized according to the different technical needs and different layouts of the application line.
The product can be applied in two different ways:

  1. AS IT IS with a rotary roller, draining system or sponge applicator
  2. DILUTED IN WATER with a multi-head system


Products designed for polished or lapped tiles treatment.
Polishield makes a reticulation into the open porosity while the excess of product is easily removed from the surface by the application lines’ brushes.
The treatment does not change the quality of the surface obtained during the sanding process.
It greatly reduces the problem of stain resistance and significantly increases the resistance to chemical agents.

Acidic agent specifically designed for the treatment of polished tiles to prepare the surface for the subsequent application of Polishield protective agents.
Polishield AP causes a surface pickling effect, removing the residual material resulting from the sanding processes.
It at once creates superficial micro-bumps which are essential to improve the subsequent Polishield surface application.

Pigmented dyes created to colour the products of the Polishield range.
The dye has to be added while stirring and the quantity depends on the surface to be treated.


Resin-based and stain-resistant protective agent that can be applied by spray application.


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