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Thi episode of the podcastb aims to refocus, from a special and provocative perspective, the role of chemicals used in ceramics: from the beginning to the end of the process, that is from the grinding of the clays that form the basis of the ceramic mixture up to the firing cycle. The reading filter is "chemicals and environmental impact" and the goal is to break the preconception about the word "chemistry", often related to the pollution, contamination, infection. 


We do not want to belittle or deny the wrong use of potentially dangerous products by some industrial producers but, for sure, we also want to fight against another word – chemofobia – that is the irrational fear or idea that all chemicals are dangerous and harmful. In each steps of the production process, the wise use of chemicals can promote some environmental improvements that should not be underestimated or even disclaimed.


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(The english version of this episode is up to come.)


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