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Federchimica, the Italian Federation of Chemical Industry (currently composed by 1.400 companies. grouped in 17 Associations that are divided in turn in 37 product groups) strives since its foundation not only to elaborate economical and industrial guidelines but also to establish a strict and constant planning in terms of security and environmental.
And it is within this second direction that the 8° CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY - that will take place the upcoming April 21st - can be included. Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco will attend the event in the person of its Technical Director, Dr. Roberto Ferrari.


The initiative represents the annual appointment that from time to time emphasizes one of the several aspects of sustainable approaches, an essential attitude that an ethical and conscious industry should certainly have.
The topic of sustainable chemistry is therefore faced from many perspectives, both at a national and European level. Among the different purposes, the” Yearbook about the Research on Sustainable Chemistry” is one of the most relevant. The almanac – now also available online - is the result of in-depth analysis of the numerous R&S activities and it promotes the sense of responsibility that emerges from the combination between chemistry and green policies: a combination that is sometimes underestimated or considered ephemeral by the public. Almost as if the words “Sustainable Chemistry” were only an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.
Products and innovative processes, water saving, use of renewable sources, effluent treatment, biotechnological research and C02 reduction are, on the contrary, the most important areas of Strategic Research where chemical industries and Universities are currently engaged. To date, the website collects, in fact, more than 700 research activities, result of joint work of many member companies and 63 university departments. The main goal of the projects is to achieve an increasing sustainability in terms of products and processes, therefore reducing the impact on safety, health and environment.


This year the theme of the conference, that for obvious reasons will take place online, is the “promotion of cooperation public-private as a means of innovating and increasing skills”. Within this framework, Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco in collaboration with UNIMORE (in the person of Gianluca Malavasi, Associate Professor of the department of Chemical and Geological Sciences) will present a joint work company/university about the development of new formulations for superficial treatment of ceramic stoneware.



Behind the synergistic relationship Z&S/UNIMORE there is study, carried out both inside the Athenaeum and the factory labs, that has produced a Master’s Degree Thesis awarded by Federchimica with the “Giorgio Squinzi” prize. The thesis has been deemed worthy for its relevant content, the completeness of the results and the clear intention to put the idea of Sustainable Chemistry in the front line.



To attend the conference please fill out the form on Federchimica’s website.

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