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Zs Lab. Share. More.

ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ CERAMCO, the world leader in chemical products for the ceramic industry, is now embarked on a new adventure in training and education, with a focus on sharing know-how.

Aware that chemistry and its related production processes may seem complicated and hard to decipher, ZS CERAMCO has launched ZS Lab, a new digital platform which offers users all the company's know-how in the field.
This initiative confirms the company's position as the point of reference for the industry, always available to offer concrete support and collaboration.

In simple, direct language, the new blog offers information and education with a focus on products, applications and processes.
Made accessible to the non-specialist user, the blog offers a basis of shared know-how  as the foundation for open, continuously dialogue between all participants.
With suggestions, definitions, glossaries and explanatory videos, ZS Lab provides packets of information that confirm ZS CERAMCO's innate propensity to place customer service at the centre of its business.

As it reaches the 125th Anniversary of the Zschimmer & Schwarz Group, ZS CERAMCO, the heir of a prestigious tradition, thus continues along its path of innovation. 
Innovation – a mix of experimentation and research – which is expressed not solely in the product, but also in the production of shared values.

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