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The episode focuses on an apparently marginal matter that instead is relevant if we consider the new intended use of ceramic tiles that have definitely entered the world of forniture (tables, countertops, etc). Since the ceramic material is now used not only for floors and walls but also for tables, tops, countertops, etc, the possible contact with food must be surely considered.


Given that ceramics are, by their very nature, one of the most hygienic and antiseptic material in the world, it is also true that surface protection treatments that take place after the firing cycle may represent in this perspective a serious issue: the products involved in the process, unlike ceramics, do not undergo to any modification after treatment, being not transformed by the very high temperatures of the kilns.


Even if toxic emissions provided by ceramic glass and protective products are extremely rare, it's nevertheless important to take stock and dissect the issue, looking more closely at all mechanisms (not only related to chemistry) that take place behind the scenes.


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