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This past October Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco opened the doors of its headquarters with a special and rather unusual Open House, offering to its visitors an opportunity to debate and take stock of the situation about some topics that today, more than ever, continue to catch a remarkable interest by the ceramic industry.


The current situation that has significantly reduced the possibility of interaction (we only need to think about the cancellation of the most important trade fairs), is pushing the companies – and so the people – to imagine different and new strategies in order to keep alive the contact with their stakeholders and foster a dialogue that – especially in the field of research and development – needs a continuous and durable exchange of ideas, perspectives and visions.


The initiative, that will also continue in the first months of the next year, is realized by means of a rich exhibition that has found a location in the open space in front of the R&D labs. The idea is to offer an overview about the today “state of art” of technologies and technical application opportunities with regard to two specific topics: antibacterial functionalizations and integrated development of production systems based on water-based products and solutions.


Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco, being from years engaged on this topics (the first study on water-based inks dates back to 2013), has stubbornly pursued a high individual path addressing the obstacles that inevitably emerge in all unexplored territories and that involve on the same level chemical companies, raw materials’ manufacturers, installers and ceramic producers. The sustainable approach is certainly the driving force that has led Z&S Ceramco to experiment new trajectories with the firm conviction that this is the precondition for the future development of ceramic industry. After all, the time seems to be now ripe: the increased use of environmentally friendly products in ceramic production processes is now a reality: a not obvious but necessary and essential goal.


Antibacterial functionalizations, for decades in use in several sectors of industrial production, have similarly and finally founded a fertile ground in the tile ceramic field (certainly pushed by the recent events that have all involved). Even this nontrivial topic is for some time under consideration by Z&S technicians and chemical researchers that now offer the market many different and non-standard solutions (read more here).


Coherently with the sharing approach of the company blog (ZS LAB), the exhibition presents the abovementioned subjects being inspired by educational museum setting: a storytelling based on various layers of language by use of ceramic materials (finished and unfinished) raw materials, videos, graphic, texts, etc. The mix of information wants to let customers a personal exploration, stimulating a discussion that may lead to synergic program and projects based on shared opportunities.


The Open House is by appointment only, in compliance with the applicable safety standards for containment and management of epidemiological emergencies.

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