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In response to the constant evolution of the ceramic market that changes according to the production technology, the chemical industry has developed and often anticipated products and solution able to improve and speed up the upgrading of the new processes, both technically and aesthetically.


In this fluid scenario, the digital technology is certainly the most important challenge within the different areas of the research. A challenge that our industrial sector has to take in consideration: equipment and colour manufacturers as well as raw material’s suppliers and chemical companies are all involved each for its own part in a dialogue that has a common target.


Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco tanks to its long-term experience is in this regard raising the bar of the quality results by offering to the market specific products together with a stable and indispensable on-site assistance.


Within the product range, we would like to focus today on TRUBOND F 401, a digital glue recently developed but already used by many producers.

TRUBOND F 401 is a particular solvent based digital glue with a strong binding powder that can be used with the main printing machine available on the market and specifically developed for grit applications.

It is an opalescent solution that contains specific polymers and a suspended nanometric solid part able to improve the drying times of the glue and to promote the fusion process as well as the levelling of the grit during the firing cycle.


The absorption times of the glue can range according to the production conditions but it can be generally integrated in the process as follow:


  • Engobe/glaze application
  • If required apply a primer in order to act on the drying time
  • Inkjet colour decoration + adding TRUBOND F401 in the last or last two bars 
  • Application of fine grits or fine powder with traditional machine for grits application located at the right distance from the digital printer
  • Suction or blowing to eliminate the excess of materials
  • Glaze application


In order to improve the binding power, acting at the same time on the printing definition, it is possible to increase the amount of the glue by using the appropriate print heads and therefore improving the drying times.

For the same purpose it is also possible to apply the glue with to different bars so to overlapping two different application.


TRUBOND F 401 is a easy to use product that does not need particular maintenance operations to the printing machine. We only suggest to check periodically the printing quality of the bar and change periodically the filters according to the original equipment manufacturer.

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