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The recent and imponderable events that since February have been breaking into our everyday lives - both on the individual and business organisation level - have suddenly changed a global scenario that since now seemed to be predictable as well as protected.


Out of the blue we have been witnessing a change of direction that found us unprepared but that nevertheless had the merit, if we can call it, to redefine all the certainties in favour of new possible paths, synergies and individual or professional collaborations.


After so many years we have been forced for the first time to review our perspectives because of an unsettling and invasive change that however is leading both people and companies towards a new and different model of community.


In many quarters, in fact, a lot of artisanal and industrial realities have been gradually considering the “now and here”, creating new connections in terms of solidarity, out of the spotlight and with no self-celebrative intentions. Just for ethic sense and desire of participation. 


As many different enterprises,Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco has offered as well its contribution within the new social environment, partially redeploying its production and developing some new hand and surface sanitizers that have been formulated according to World Health Organization guidelines.

All this new items, originally produced for an internal use only, have been involved into an increasing word-of-mouth that - linked to the concurrent inability of the market to meet the massive request of similar products - has convinced the company to free supply all that provincial bodies who have requested: from hospitals to military barracks, from Red Cross to occupational health organizations.


It is a small yet precious contribution that joins the effort of many other companies and that is reshaping the “boundaries of collaboration” in a landscape that is still uncertain but certainly in gradual evolution.

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