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CERSAIE 2023: concept & video

On September Friday 29th, Cersaie edition 2023 has come to an end. This is the most important exhibition in the world for ceramic industry that this year has almost reached 100.000 visitors. As usual, the event has confirmed to be a valuable opportunity not only to present the product news but also to discuss and exchange on the hottest and current topics that affect all ceramic stakeholders.


The setting proposed by Z&S Ceramco, awarded with Honourable Mention by ADI Design Award (read the article), provided a general picture of the communication project rigorously and coherently promoted over the last three years. A very small excerpt of the topics addressed and some of the methods developed to share them.
The starting point of the project begins with a clear and simple statement of intent, a sort of manifesto:


When you walk on a ceramic floor you cannot imagine how much work, skill and knowledge there is behind its production, beauty, safety and durability.
You may not even imagine the fundamental role that chemistry plays in this concentration of expertise.
This is the aim of our project: to go in depth.


Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco is mindful of the complexity of chemistry regarding ceramic production. This is the reason why the company have developed an educational- professional project that creates a direct communication channel between those who, by profession or by vocation, want to deepen their knowledge on the backstage and the science behind the ceramic industry. 
The program fosters an open and horizontal dialogue between the industry’s global players on themes of common interest, with the firm belief that sharing of skills is the best way to build common values, contributing to the growth and evolution of the sector. We accomplish this without ever losing sight of the concreteness and efficiency of PRODUCTS and SERVICE, cornerstones of each production enterprise. 


The project, in its various forms - videos, podcast, lessons, chemistry pills, quiz, installations, APP, etc. - starts from a very easy and somehow ironic statement. Zschimmer & Schwarz brand products are largely in the form of transparent and gelatinous liquids and they are marked by a special common feature: they burn and evaporate inside the kilns without leaving a visible trace. However, despite their apparent invisibility, they play a very important role, ensuring a proper process development as well as the production of technically and aesthetically high - performing products. 
As always, the main challenge is in the language: how to make familiar with simple, direct and yet not trivial words, topics that have very little to do with simplicity? 

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